Important note from our Founder/CEO regarding the Coronavirus

The impact of the coronavirus on our thriving real estate community has been amazingly quick and painful.  While all real estate agents deal with some level of uncertainty regarding future sales, this rapid change has caused an extraordinary lack of clarity and stress for all of us.

We want you to know that our RealCommissions team is fully operational, with our associates working safely and successfully from their home offices.  With our online systems and applications, we can serve your cash flow needs uninterrupted.  Whether it is closing an advance you currently have open, your interest in a quote, or reviewing an application for a new advance, we are here for you.

Since 2004, RealCommissions has been there to solve our clients’ cash flow needs.  We made it through the crisis of 2008.  Together we will make it through this one as well.

We value your support and confidence in us now more than ever.

Be well,

David J Siegelman



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