What Our Clients Have to Say…

What our clients have to say about RealCommissions…

“The RealCommissions advance allowed me to spend some marketing money prior to closing. They were able to provide me with a fast quote, they cost less than other companies, and the application process was easy… RealCommissions is fast, simple, and a stress reliever!”

David | Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices | Michigan

“As a growing team lead, I find cash flow during slower months can severely impact marketing and staffing. Commission advances allow my business to maintain a constant cash flow to level out delayed closings or slower volume. When navigating the internet to find companies who offer this service, it can be scary. Many times you find commission advance companies that cause more headaches and fees. It is difficult to find someone local that you can trust.

However, I have found an amazing company called RealCommissions. RealCommissions has helped me grow my business by generating reliable cash flow so my marketing and prospecting is always at 100 percent. This allows me to invest in more agents which will generate more volume for us all.”

Karl  |  Atlanta Communities  |  Georgia

“The advance helped me in purchasing signs and advertising for two listings that I recently acquired. And believe me when I say RealCommissions was a life saver, and really helped me maintain my professionalism in the real estate market and amongst my peers. I was impressed and amazed by the whole concept.

I have owned several small businesses in the past and I have never had such amazing luck with securing funds, and from such helpful people, and so quickly in order to continue to be successful, and without a glitch! We work hard and many hours, day and night, weekends and holidays… and sometimes we need financial assistance. I just wish I had known about RealCommissions sooner.

RealCommissions are my lifesavers today, and I highly recommend them to all real estate agents trying to get ahead. They take the stress out of the situation!”

Sandi | Real Estate of Florida | Florida

“The commission advance from RealCommissions helped out with the ability to expand my marketing campaigns and grow and keep pace with how fast things have been moving. As you know the closing don’t always move as fast as you need to grow your business. 

It’s been a real pleasure working with the team at RealCommissions. I am always treated with great respect and a high level of professionalism. What they say will happen always does. 

I would highly recommend RealCommissions to my co-workers. They offer the fairest rates and are very organized and move quickly. I wouldn’t go anywhere else….”

Peter  |  Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices New England Properties  |  Connecticut

“I want to take the time to express gratitude and give thanks for what RealCommissions means to us as a company.  In 2004 I opened my real estate franchise and it was at one of their conventions where I learned about RealCommissions.  I always thought that using RealCommissions meant that you were declaring that you are broke and needed to be bailed out. That made me hesitant to use them for commission advancements.

I wasn’t going through a financial crisis, but some deals were not closing on time and I needed money for bills and marketing.  Our commission advances with RealCommissions gave us breathing room until the deals closed.  RealCommissions became more useful to us and better and easier than a “credit line” at the bank. 

It is just Good Business Sense, we didn’t have to get down to our last penny and stopped our financial stresses.  We have established a good partnership and RealCommissions has pulled us out of many financial situations by advancing us the commission, allowing us to pay bills and create a cushion, since 2004 we have continued using RealCommissions.

Agents and Brokers should keep in mind that using RealCommissions is a resource, not an unwanted expenditure.  It’s a great business decision that has been used by many to be able to progress and stay ahead of the game. We have used RealCommissions throughout the years and I would attest that they are one of the reasons we are still going strong after 42 years in Real Estate.

Through the years we have worked with RealCommissions and they are very professional, polite and helpful. Thank you to the team at RealCommissions!”

Eli  |  Excel Realty Associates  |  New York

“RealCommissions has my vote as the best in the industry, assisting me for a fair fee in the time of need, helped me go out there and continue to generate more business. Thanks to your whole team and the process!”

Pej  |  Principle Real Estate Group  |  California

“RealCommissions gives you the ability to gain much more significant control of your cash flow needs, with the capability to establish a bridge as part of the overall strategic planning of your practice. The service provided by RealCommissions is supported by genuine folks, who understand our business and were there for me when I really needed a friend.”

Steven  |  Keller Williams  |  Georgia

“I have used RealCommissions numerous times and have been beyond pleased with the ease of the process. I would highly recommend RealCommissions to anyone in need of a quick commission advance to help with their business.

Always an easy and quick process, this is certainly ideal for those who may run into an unexpected expense. With little charges involved, I found the benefits far outweighed the cost!“

Wendell  |  Keller Williams  |  Tennessee 

“RealCommissions allowed me to invest in marketing so I could continue to promote my business and my listings on a consistent basis without dipping into my personal funds. RealCommissions is wonderful to work with and their staff is responsive, helpful and they handle requests quickly.

I cannot say enough about how wonderful it is to work with RealCommissions. I would absolutely recommend RealCommissions, they deliver as promised every time. It is a wonderful way to even out cash flow and allows me to be consistent in growing my business and promoting my listings!”

Pamela  |  Alain Pinel Realtors  |  California

“RealCommissions was quick and the process was easy… They assisted me with the cash flow I needed and RealCommissions was expedient, simple, and provided great customer service. I would definitely recommend RealCommissions to any real estate agent who needs to balance their cash flow.”

John | Luxury Agent | California

“I have been using RealCommissions for nearly 5 years. The process is so simple…I am nearly always approved within an hour and the money is wired and ready for use that day. As much as I would like to smooth my income, you just never know when deals will close. RealCommissions has made me a survivor in this business. Advertising bills, payroll, and expenses roll on, and pending sales do not pay the bills. I really don’t think I could survive without them.”

Gary  |  Real Estate Brokers of Alaska  |  Alaska

“In commission sales, there are peaks and valleys and it can be very helpful to have this resource. At RealCommissions they treat you with dignity and respect–their service is friendly and fast. On my very first transaction, I sent in all the information on a Friday and on Monday morning the money was in my account!”

Tammy  |  Keller Williams Realty  |  Florida

“As we all know, the business of selling real estate can be up and down, and sometimes the deals you expect to close get delayed. It’s so great to have that safety net there when I need it. I recommend RealCommissions to every realtor who has ever felt they needed a safety net to bridge the gap between closings. The RealCommissions process is so easy! Advances are granted based on the validity of the deal only and not your credit score or bank balance. I consider RealCommissions as part of my personal wealth-building team!”

Krissy  |  Keller Williams  |  Florida

“WOW!! Thank you!! You have exceeded my expectations and helped me out in a time of need. I would also like to thank Barbara. I actually called several companies yesterday (like yours) to better understand this process. Barbara was the best conversation I had, with a good follow-up e-mail.”

Bill  |  Matel Realtors  |  California


“Very rarely do I take the time to send a letter of recognition. But in this case, I feel I must because your service and reliability were soooo good I just have to tell others about it. Whenever I get the chance to use your business again I will certainly do so considering how happy I am as a customer. Thank you again!

Jeffrey |  EXIT Realty All Pro | New York


“Thank you so very, very much, 1.) For being so helpful and thorough 2.) For helping me in my time of need, you saved me lots of overcharges. :o) Again, I can’t thank you enough for helping me. I would definitely use you again in the future.”

Robin  |  Keller Williams Realty  |  Kentucky

“With RealCommissions, I was able to continue my marketing plan around the gap between closings.  The RealCommissions advance was VERY timely from the start and communications were answered quickly.   I would recommend RealCommissions to others…  The costs are affordable and I received the funds in less than 24 hours!”   

Debbie   |   RE/MAX   |  Indiana

“Working with RealCommissions is easy. They’ve become a real partner in my business.”

Nikki  |  Keller Williams Realty  |  Florida

“I just wanted to say Thanks to all you guys for working with me and making this happen. Great service!”

Tony  |  Steve Redding & Associates  |  Georgia

“Thank you everyone. You guys are a lifesaver!”

Phillip  |  eXP Realty  |  Texas

“It’s always a pleasure to work with professionals. I have already recommended you and your company to my REALTOR friends.”

Chip  |  Fathom Realty  |  Texas

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Thank you for your services and you kind business nature. Each of you are awesome!”

Lisa  |  Exquisite Real Estate  |  California

“Thank you for the outstanding service. It has been a pleasure working with your company. Thank you.”

Will  |  Tierra Antigua Realty  |  Arizona

“Thank you!! Love your service MUCH MUCH better than e-commissions!”

Nicole  |  T.N.G. Real Estate Consultants  |  California

“Thanks again for the advance. You guys have helped me when I really need it.”

Beau  |  Clients First Realty Group  |  Delaware 

“Thank you David! Let me be crystal clear that you have been great to work with and extremely professional. I was an eCommission customer for some years and you have now won me over.”

Brett  |  HomeSmart  |  Arizona

“Thank You Holly! I got it and you were amazing. Best service I have had in a long time :)”

Lynn  |  North Pacific Properties  |  Washington

“I cannot say enough about the great care and concern I received from your company and employees! Thank you again. I have already recommended your company to an associate!!”

Shannon  |  Keller Williams Realty  |  Delaware 

“Holly and the entire team at RealCommissions are so understanding and will take care of you! I would recommend them to any agent who needs a little help along the way in this up and down career. I can’t say enough about them!”

Traci  |  Keller Williams Realty  |  Alabama