How RealCommissions Works

RealCommissions turns your pending commissions into RealCash

With RealCommissions, once your contract is signed, you can receive all or part of your net commission immediately on that pending deal. Upon approval (normally on the same day), your commission payment is wired to you instantly to meet your cash flow needs!
Here’s a short video about how RealCommissions works:

Getting your RealCommissions advance is fast and easy…

Get a RealQuick QuoteOur dedicated account team will customize a fast, free quote based on your amount desired and closing date. We don’t check credit and there’s no obligation.
Experience our RealTime ProcessWe’ll walk you through our confidential, proprietary application process that’s flexible, fast, and easy so you can receive your funds as quickly as possible.
Receive your RealCash Payment!  Once approved, your funds are wired immediately to you.
Here are the answers to some frequently-asked questions about commission advances in general, applying for a RealCommissions commission advance, and about RealCommissions:

A RealCommissions commission advance helps you balance your cash flow by paying you your commission when you seal the deal—before it closes. No credit checks or obligation. Just fast, friendly service that gets you the advance commission amount you need exactly when you need it.

RealCommissions is proud to serve licensed residential real estate agents who work for leading real estate companies across the United States. Do you have a residential contract that is signed, pending, and waiting to close? If so, then a RealCommissions commission advance is right for you.

You are probably keenly aware of the ups and downs of cash flow in the life of a real estate agent. Whether you need a once-a-year income boost for a special project or you feel that having a level income flow year-round will make life much less stressful, a RealCommissions commission advance may be your answer. We want to help reduce your stress!

Real estate commission advances can be used for some of the business expenses for real estate agents and brokers:

  • Continuing Education Classes
  • Overhead Costs
  • Employee Salaries
  • Annual Taxes
  • Association Fees/Industry Dues
  • MLS Fees
  • Internet Advertising
  • Postcards and Flyers
  • Thank-you Gifts

Real estate commissions from the sale of any single-family residential transaction, including town homes and condominiums, qualify for the RealCommissions commission advance program. We also work with agents on approved short sales, REO properties, or new construction.

RealCommissions utilizes a confidential, proprietary RealTime process that is fast and flexible. With years of experience, we have perfected the commission advance process resulting in 99.5% of our transactions closing successfully. Based on these results, we can offer lower rates than the other leading national competitor.

Getting started with RealCommissions is easy…

  • Start with a fast, free RealQuick Quote based on your net commission and estimated closing date. There’s no obligation and we don’t check credit!
  • If you are ready to apply, you can begin our quick, simple RealTime online process that will only take you minutes to fill out using DocuSign©!

Once we receive a complete application, your file will be reviewed, and approved applications are normally funded within one hour. Upon approval, funds are wired into your bank account, so you can have immediate access to the cash you need to grow your business.

Once we receive a complete commission advance application, your file will be forwarded to our processing team. Our staff of processors will get back to you right away if we are missing items from your application or need additional information.

Approved applications are funded immediately. Most clients elect to have the funds wired into their checking accounts upon approval, so they have immediate access to the funds.

Yes. RealCommissions’ commission advance service is offered nationwide from Anchorage to Miami, San Diego to NYC!

Yes. Maintaining your privacy and communicating information in a secure environment is our top priority.

To minimize the potential risk and safeguard your financial security, RealCommissions’ real estate agents are protected by our unique substitution program.

If for some reason your contract falls through, we replace it with another of your pending contracts. In this way, your commission advance is repaid from your next closing.

The cost to advance your pending commissions will vary based on the amount you request and the time until your close date.

No. RealCommissions does not contact the buyer or seller during the commission advance process.

The fees associated with your advanced commission should be tax deductible.

  • An active real estate license
  • A pending contract within 120 days of closing
  • A valid bank account
  • You are not a broker/owner of your own brokerage (currently we only work with residential agents nationwide)
  • You work for a brokerage with more than 20 agents

No. A RealCommissions commission advance is approved based on your past and present performance and the pending real estate contract — not your credit score.

Yes. We base our fees on the amount of your commission that we purchase from you and on your scheduled closing date. You can sell us a partial amount or your full net commission.

With RealCommissions, you have a 15-day complimentary grace period, which means that you have 15 additional days beyond the estimated closing date to have the advance repaid without any additional late fees.

RealCommissions can work with up to 100% of your net earned commission after any splits/fees to your office. The fee to use our service is deducted from the commission advance. We do not put any cap on the amount of your net commission that we’ll advance to you (unlike our competition, who caps the amount). Additionally, it is possible to have multiple RealCommissions commission advances open at a time.

RealCommissions respects your privacy and will not sell or distribute your personal information.