Reinvesting your RealCommissions commission advance to build your business is a marketing strategy that thousands of real estate agents across the country use every day.  Estimates show that every licensed real estate agent spends approximately $4,700 per year (close to $400 per month) on promotional and advertising expenses. As you work on your integrated marketing plan and budgeting your commission advance funds, here are some tactics that you can use to build your portfolio of real estate listings:

  • Your own website
    Showcase your personal brand, past sales, and current listings on your own website.
  • Online advertising on a real estate site
    For lead generation, you will want to post your information on leading websites such as Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and
  • Email drip campaigns
    As you collect email addresses, invest in an email platform so you can set up ongoing communications with your prospect list.
  • Local print ads
    Build your local brand with local print ads to make sure you are front and center for your coverage area.
  • Direct mail postcards
    As you zero in on your target area, use direct mail postcards showcasing “Just Sold” and “Just Listed” properties, so that when buyers and sellers are ready to move, they think of you first.
  • Business cards
    Always have your business cards with you when attending any events, meetings, or showings to give topotential buyers or sellers.
  • Door hangers
    If there are specific neighborhoods that you are targeting, door hangers may be a good option. These are especially effective when asking whether home owners are interested in selling their houses and/or you have a buyer that would like to buy in a specific neighborhood.
  • Giveaways
    Branded giveaways with your logo are a great way to build your brand.  Choose something that has a long shelf life.

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