Lead Generation – Now More Than Ever

Successful real estate agents depend on a steady stream of quality leads to keep their businesses growing.  Promoting themselves to attract new listings or new potential buyers is a time consuming and costly investment in future potential revenue. During the initial impact of COVID, houses were selling so quickly that many agents lost their focus on lead generation. With the market returning to a better equilibrium between buyers and sellers, combined with the negative impact of higher interest rates, agents are realizing it is essential to invest in lead generation once again.

Many agents have expressed to us their concern about financially committing to an advertising or promotional campaign. What happens if my closings do not come in as smoothly as I need to stay current with my plan?

Solution: A commission advance from RealCommissions balances cash flow giving the agent the cash when it is needed to prevent having to stop their marketing efforts.  Just knowing that a commission advance is possible reduces stress and gives the confidence to proceed with new investments in lead generation.

There are numerous ways successful agents leverage a commission advance to even out their income and promote their real estate brand to potential buyers and sellers.  Here are just some examples:

Online lead generation:  Realtor.com, Zillow, Redfin, Trulia, Google

Social media ads:  Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest

Direct mail: Targeting specific zip codes and neighborhoods

Email campaigns:  Building a database for ongoing email campaigns

Display ads:  Building a brand with digital ads in the target areas

If you would like more information on how commission advances help agents sell more houses give us a call at (888) 610-0003, email us at info@realcommissions.com, or visit us at www.realcommissions.com.


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