Grow Your Real Estate Business with a Commission Advance

When some real estate agents first hear of the idea of a real estate commission advance, they think of using this type of service to access funds to solve a problem. It certainly can be a good use of a commission advance in order to stay current on a variety of business expenses, especially when an expense pops up that was unexpected.

In speaking with agents who use our service, we also know that many do commission advances to access cash immediately to take advantage of business opportunities that they do not want to miss out on. An example is a real estate investment opportunity. A client will apply for a commission advance on a traditional pending sale and use the funds as a down payment for an investment property they have found that they know is a great value. Time is critical in these situations, and having funds readily available for a down payment can make or break the deal. There is no faster or easier way to do this than a commission advance.

Another business opportunity we often hear about is when an agent wants to commit to an expanded advertising campaign (with Zillow, FaceBook,, etc.) but hesitates because of cash flow concerns. Without a commission advance service to fill in when they happen to hit a slow closing month, too many agents are afraid to commit to an advertising plan and stifle the growth of their businesses. Knowing that they can get a commission advance as needed eliminates the concern and keeps business on a steady growth trajectory.

The same can be said for hiring an assistant to leverage an agent’s capabilities. Getting a commission advance periodically through the year as needed reduces the stress about making payroll and helps a high-performing agent stay focused on growing the business.

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