RealCommissions Privacy Policy            


Updated as of September 18, 2020

REAL COMMISSIONS, LLC.  dba “RealCommissions” and our online presence considers protecting your privacy an important part of our business. To help you understand RealCommissions’ information gathering and dissemination practices, RealCommissions has created this Privacy Policy.  This policy may be updated and changed at any time so visit, where our latest privacy policy will be posted. If you have any questions about our policies, please contact RealCommissions at or see the additional contact information below in the section entitled “Contacting RealCommissions about this Privacy Policy.” This Privacy Policy contains information about our practices and procedures concerning:

  1. Non-Personal Identification Information Collection
  2. Personal Identification Information Collection
  3. Internal Disclosure of Personal Identification Information
  4. External (or Third Party) Disclosure of Personal Identification Information
  5. Use of Cookies
  6. Links to Other Sites
  7. Security of Personal Identification Information
  8. Supplementation of Information
  9. Site and Service Updates
  10. Corrections/Updates
  11. Choice/Opt-out
  12. Children
  13. Contacting Real Commissions About this Privacy Policy


  1. Non-Personal Identification Information Collection

You can browse through RealCommissions’ websites or otherwise contact us without providing RealCommissions any personal identification information. RealCommissions’ web servers will, however, automatically collect non-personally identifiable data each time you visit this website. Such data may include the pages you viewed on this website, the time you spent viewing a page, the search engine you used to find our website, the date and time of your visit, the IP address of the computer you used to access our website, and other data which is not generally perceived to be personal. This data will help RealCommissions evaluate and improve the content and structure of its websites and services.

  1. Personal Identification Information Collection

When you choose to conduct business with RealCommissions, RealCommissions will collect personal identification information about you, your business, and any real estate commission you desire to sell to us. Such data may include your name, address, telephone numbers, email addresses, your social security number, your date of birth, the broker with whom you are associated, your real estate experience and work history, and information about the estate commission (e.g., buyer, seller, closing attorneys, settlement agents, the real property, etc.). RealCommissions will collect this information when you complete and submit the forms provided on our website or when you complete and submit such forms online. This information will be collected solely for purposes of buying and selling your real estate commissions, although RealCommissions does reserve the right to use such information as described in the sections of this Privacy Policy entitled “Internal Disclosure of Personal Identification Information” and “External (or Third Party) Disclosure of Personal Identification Information.”

  1. Internal Disclosure of Personal Identification Information

Any of your personal identification information that RealCommissions collects will be used internally only by those employees and agents of RealCommissions who have a reason to know and use such information for purposes of closing any sale of your real estate commissions, managing your account with RealCommissions, determining whether you are eligible for RealCommissions products and services, enforcing RealCommissions’ rights to collect from you (if necessary), and otherwise providing customer service to you.  Otherwise, your personal identification information will be held in strict confidence, in accordance with policies and procedures required by Federal and state laws.

  1. External (or Third Party) Disclosure of Personal Identification Information

RealCommissions will not sell or rent your personal identification information to anyone. RealCommissions will not reveal your personal identification information or otherwise make it available to third parties, except:

(a) when specifically authorized to do so by you;

(b) when required to do so by law or by a court or other governmental agency acting within its jurisdiction;

(c) when RealCommissions believes doing so is necessary for the safety of people or property;

(d) to brokers, agents, closing attorneys or settlement agents relating to a real estate commission which you are interested in, or are, selling to RealCommissions, but only for purposes of verifying the information you have provided RealCommissions about that commission and otherwise facilitating the consummation of that sale;

(e) to professionals and consultants (such as accountants, lawyers, web designers, and collection agencies) engaged by RealCommissions, but only on a confidential basis and only if such professionals and consultants have a reason to view or examine such information;

(f) to any person or entity who has a bona fide interest in purchasing the equity or assets of RealCommissions or who does purchase the equity or assets of RealCommissions (but, in each case, only on a confidential basis);

(g) in connection with RealCommissions’ obtaining financing (but only on a confidential basis);

(h) to our affiliates that provide similar or related services;

(i) in a confidential or anonymous manner for product development and general marketing purposes; and

(j) to contact you from time to time regarding any products, services, or related opportunities RealCommissions might offer (but subject to your right to “opt-out” as described below).

  1. Use of Cookies

Most websites install a small file on your computer for purposes of helping you navigate a website more quickly and efficiently. These small files are called “cookies.” From time to time, RealCommissions may employ the use of cookies.

  1. Links to Other Sites

This website contains links to other websites, some of which may be owned or affiliated with RealCommissions and others that may be completely independent of RealCommissions. All of these other websites may have their own privacy policies and the terms of those privacy policies are beyond RealCommissions’ control. When you visit another website through a link on RealCommissions’ website, please take the time to inform and protect yourself by reading the privacy policies for those other websites, as RealCommissions is not responsible for the manner in which they protect your personal identification information.

  1. Security of Personal Identification Information

RealCommissions takes every precaution to protect the personal identification information for you and other customers, whether you transact business with RealCommissions online or in person. The servers on which RealCommissions’ websites are hosted are kept in a secure facility; our internal computers are password protected; and our analog records are kept under lock and key. Only those employees who have a business reason to view personal identification information has access to your personal identification information. Moreover, RealCommissions conducts background checks on all employees through the services of an independent screening agency, which checks all candidates for criminal convictions, prior employment, and verification of any education credentials.

  1. Supplementation of Information

In connection with the consummation of your selling a real estate commission to RealCommissions, RealCommissions must contact others involved in the transaction. For example, RealCommissions may contact the buying or selling agent, the related brokers, or the closing attorney or settlement agent relating to the real estate commission. These people may provide us with supplemental information about you and we may keep that information in our records, subject to the protections afforded in this Privacy Policy. RealCommissions may, but is not obligated to, request and review your consumer credit report, which information may be maintained in our records about you. Again, such information will be kept in confidence in accordance with this Privacy Policy. RealCommissions may also lawfully obtain information about you from other third parties and public records.

  1. Site and Service Updates

From time to time, RealCommissions may contact you regarding amendments or updates to the forms and agreements used by RealCommissions. As a condition to continuing to do business with RealCommissions, you may be asked to demonstrate your agreement to the new forms and agreements by clicking an “Agreed” or “Accepted” or by signing an updated form online or in person.

  1. Corrections/Updates

If your personal identification information changes (such as your home address, phone number, etc.), or if you no longer desire to use RealCommissions’ service, you can correct, update or remove any personal data provided by calling RealCommissions at 404-256-3300, emailing RealCommissions at, or mailing RealCommissions at the address shown on the “Contact Us” page of

  1. Choice/Opt-out

To properly service our customers and potential customers RealCommissions communicates via emails, text messages, and direct mail. From time to time, RealCommissions also sends out special offers or promotions about our services. You have the right to opt-out of receiving emails from RealCommissions by clicking the reply button and typing “remove” in the email’s subject line, or click on the unsubscribe link in the email. You may also opt-out by sending RealCommissions an email at with “remove” in the subject line. In reference to text messages, message and data rates may apply. You can opt-out of receiving text messages by replying with the word “stop” typed into the message.

  1. Children

RealCommissions does not provide services to, or collect information from, children under age 18.  Our websites are not intended for children under age 18. In the unlikely event RealCommissions has mistakenly or inadvertently collected information on any person under age 18, RealCommissions will take all necessary steps to destroy that information as soon as it is brought to our attention and verified.

  1. Contacting Real Commissions about this Privacy Policy

To contact RealCommissions about this Privacy Policy, or if you do not believe RealCommissions is abiding by this Privacy Policy, please send an email to or call us at (404) 256-3300. If you would like to contact RealCommissions via regular mail, you can do so at the address shown on “Contact Us” page of, Attention: General Manager, RealCommissions.