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The Real Process

    Getting started with Real Commissions is as easy as 1 2 3.

  • Download the Agent Information Sheet
    Send in this one-page profile, along with the associated documents, to register with Real Commissions. Repeat customers can bypass this step if information has not changed.

  • Download the Commission Purchase Agreement
    Email us the information and the supporting documents we need to process your Real Commission. Also email us your KW Green Sheet to confirm your net commission.

  • Download the Broker's Notice And Acknowledgement Of Assignment
    Have your broker confirm the amount of your net commission in #2. Please fill in info in #3a if Real Commissions is to be paid back at the closing (instead of from your company).

Once we receive a complete application, your file will be underwritten within one business day. Approved applications are funded within one hour. Most clients elect to have the funds wired into their checking account upon approval so they have immediate access to the funds.

About Our Forms
Our forms are standard "PDF" format. Simply type your info into the fields as indicated, print, sign, scan, and email along with your supporting documents to We also accept faxed applications at (800) 667-0780. Electronic signatures are acceptable.

These forms can be saved on your computer for future use; however, the data you type in will not be saved unless you have Acrobat PDF Writer version.

Click below for free Adobe® Reader® version software if you do not already have it loaded on your computer. Additional questions? Contact us.

Download Adobe® Reader® Software

Real Commissions. Our business is helping you grow your business.